Dynamic Pistol Classes

Course Name: Dynamic Pistol 

Cost: Varies by level. 

Course Overview: This is a progressive series of courses designed for new and experienced shooters to maximize their efficiency with the Pistol platform. 

Course Length: Approximately 4 hours each. 

Court Details

  •  Level 1: $175
    Dynamic Pistol I is a 4 hour course is designed to expose the student to the combat mindset and the dynamic shooting environment. Students will learn the proper body mechanics and firearm manipulation under a low/moderate level of stress. Focus will be on holster draw, reload techniques and malfunction resolutions. All drills will be performed 2 handed from the standing position. 
  • Level 2: $199
    Dynamic Pistol Level II is a 4 hour course in which the student will build on skills learned in Dynamic Pistol Level I with the emphasis on performing all skills one handed. Students will learn how to manipulate their firearms, transition between hands, fix malfunctions and perform reloads with both their dominant and non-dominant hand. Students will learn how to draw and shoot their firearm with their non-dominant hand. 
  • Level 3: $250
    Dynamic Pistol Level 3 is a 4 hour course in which students will build on skills learned in Dynamic Pistol Levels 1 and 2. The focus in Level 3 is applying these fundamentals while shooting on the move and in realistic conditions. All drills will be conducted downrange. Course will culminate with an action pistol course of fire. 

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