Dynamic Carbine

Course Name: Dynamic Carbine

Cost: $175 to $250.00 per person

Course Overview: This is a progressive series of courses designed for new and experienced shooters to maximize their efficiency with Modern Sporting Rifles.

Course Length: Approximately 4 hours each.

Course Topics:

  • Level 1: Dynamic Carbine 1 is a 4 hour course is designed to expose the student to the combat mindset and the dynamic shooting environment. Students will learn proper body mechanics and firearm manipulation under a low/moderate level of stress. Focus will be on firearm presentation from multiple positions, malfunction resolution, reloads, recoil management and basic footwork will be covered.

  • Level 2: Dynamic Carbine 2 is a 4 hour course in which students will build on skills learned in Dynamic Carbine 1. The focus in DC-2 is applying these fundamentals while shooting on the move and in realistic conditions. All drills will be conducted downrange. Course will culminate with an action shooting course of fire.

Pre-requisites: Fully functioning modern sporting rifle