Practical Concealed Carry

Course Name: Practical Concealed Carry Course 

Cost: $175.00 per person 

Course Overview: The Practical CCW course will provide the student with knowledge and skills to carry their pistol by emphasizing proper mindset, awareness and dynamic exercises with both their own gun and Simunitions pistols. 

Course Length: 3 hours 

Course Topics: 

Classroom Instruction 

  • Safety Review 
  • Loading/Unloading procedures including press check 
  • Holster types: Advantages/Disadvantages 
  • Characteristics of a quality holster 
  • Proper draw sequence from concealment 
  • Scanning and assessing additional threats 
  • OODA Loop and states of mental awareness 
  • Soft and Hard targets 
  • 10 Commandments of armed self-defense 
  • Gun selection criteria 
  • Common CCW problems and issues 

Live Fire Qualification: 

  • 25 rounds course of fire 

Pre-requisites: Be able to load, unload, clear and fire a handgun without supervision. 

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