We are proud to have given hundreds of people their first shooting experience.  We make sure that every person on our range is properly educated with a strong emphasis on safety.  Furthermore, we tailor our lessons to the needs of each individual.
Here are some of our beginners' most frequently asked questions:
Q: Do you allow new shooters at FreeState?
A: Yes! We encourage people who have never shot before to come to our range.  You will build a strong foundation built on safety and proper gun handling.

Q: What do I need to bring with me in order to shoot at FreeState?
A: Nothing except a valid photo ID! If you don't have an ID you can be accompanied by anyone over the age of 21 with a valid photo ID.

Q: Do I need the new Handgun Qualification License (HQL) in order to shoot with the new laws?
A: Not at all! The HQL is just needed if you are going to purchase a new handgun but to rent one and use the range you just need to bring with you a valid photo ID.

Q: What services do you have for new shooters at FreeState?
A: We can offer on-the-spot safety training to anyone who walks in the door.  This training is centered around safe use of the firearm and our range.  With advance notice we also offer one-on-one training with a certified instructor who will give in depth classroom and range instruction.
Q: How much can I expect to pay?
A: Costs vary, depending on how much you shoot and how long you stay.  New shooters should expect to pay $15 for our New Shooter orientation, which will last between 15 and 30 minutes.  Range fees, targets, and ammunition are extra.
Q: Can I bring my kids to shoot?
A: Yes. We encourage parents to bring their children to the range if they have expressed an interest in shooting.  Introducing your kids to shooting at FreeState will build a foundation based on safety, and respect.  Generally we prefer kids to be at least 10 years old before we introduce them to the sport. 
Q: What will I be shooting?
A: We like to start new shooters with a .22 caliber handgun or rifle.  For adults, or teenagers under the supervision of an adult over 21, we will most likely start you on a .22 caliber target pistol.  Our target pistols are very accurate and easy to use.  The low recoil of a .22 caliber firearm will build proper fundamentals without the high noise or recoil of a higher caliber.  Younger shooters can expect to start on a .22 caliber rifle.

Q: I thought all AR-15s were banned with the new laws?
A: No. Just regulated AR-15s were banned post October 1st but the unregulated, heavy barrel, AR-15s are legal to purchase and own. We have a wide selection in stock.