Range Time Price Adjustment


For the last six years, the staff at FreeState Gun Range has been proud to serve countless new shooters and avid firearms enthusiasts as the friendliest gun range in town. 

Over this time, you've seen us build out our store to offer one of the region's best selections of firearms, add numerous accessories, bring in quality personnel, expand our training course offerings and build out our  facilities, all while maintaining the same range prices. 

As of October 1, we'll be -- for the first time since we opened our doors --  adjusting our range prices for hourly shooters to enable us to offset rising prices in range management and to continue to expand our offerings to better serve you, our customers. 

Our new hourly rates will be $20/hour for the first shooter, plus an additional $11/hour for the second shooter. Military, police and emergency personnel discounted rates will remain the same. 

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to continuing to serve as your place to shoot, learn and train.