NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home

Course Name:  NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home

Cost:  $160.00 per person

Course Overview:  8 hour course that provides students with the basic knowledge, skills and attitude essential to the safe and efficient use of a handgun for protection of self and family. Course provides info on a law abiding citizens’ right to self-defense.

Course Length:  8 hours

Course Topics:

Classroom Instruction:

  1. Defensive shooting techniques in FreeState's force-on-force shoothouse
  2. Proper mindset and awareness levels
  3. Cover vs. concealment
  4. Flash sight picture
  5. Use of deadly force, force continuum
  6. Strategies to enhancing safety at home
  7. Responding to a violent confrontation
  8. Methods of storage
  9. Selecting a gun for home defense
  10. Additional training opportunities

Live fire session:  Approx. 100 round Course of Fire

Pre-requisitesBasic knowledge and skill with a handgun.

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