Unarmed Self Defense

Cost: $115.00 per person

Course Overview: The Unarmed Self Defense course is a dynamic, hands-on course that teaches the average man or woman to defend themselves, absent a weapon, in the event of a physical attack. You do not need to be in great physical shape or have any type of martial arts background. These skills can be learned in a short period of time with minimal effort and practice.

Course Topics:

  • Review safety rules and safety briefing

  • Review situational awareness levels

  • Intro to less-than-lethal weapons

  • Improvised weapons

  • Fighting stances

  • Control of opponents at various distances

  • Open hand strikes, knee and elbow strikes

  • Getting back to your feet from the ground

  • Gaining a dominant position over your opponent

  • Basic ground fighting techniques

  • Using your 10 "built-in" weapons

Prequisites: None.

Please note: The button below will take you our course overview page, where you can select your firearm class of choice from the dropdown menu, then register for available dates and times. If you have any questions about registration, please give us a call at 410-335-5100.