Pepper Spray Training Course

Course Name:  Pepper Spray Training Course

Cost:  $100.00 per person

Course Overview:  Students will learn risk reduction strategies to discourage threats, simple self-defense techniques to protect against an attack, how to use pepper spray effectively in a self defense situation.

Course Length:  3 hours

Course Topics:

Classroom Instruction

  • Levels of awareness and how to maintain an alert state
  • Different OC pepper spray patterns and advantages of each
  • Effects of pepper spray both physiological and psychological
  • Legal aspects of employing pepper spray and the aftermath of such an encounter
  • The reasonable use of force
  • Verbal warning and de-escalation
  • Proper stance, presentation and deployment of a defensive spray
  • Accurately aim (yes you must aim) pepper spray at an attacker
  • Simple self-defense methods to protect yourself
  • Calling 911 and what to say
  • Decontamination methods
  • Practical Training Drills

Static and Dynamic drills

  • Moving off line of attack
  • Deployment of spray with inert training canisters

Pre-requisitesNo prior experience required

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