Defensive Pen

Course Name: Defensive Pen

Cost: $99.00 per person 

Course Overview: The Defensive Pen Course is a dynamic, hands on course that teaches alternative methods of defending oneself in absence of a firearm with improvised objects including an ordinary pen. 

Course Length: 3 hours 

Course Topics: 

Classroom Instruction: 

  • Awareness, attitude and attack avoidance 
  • Characteristics of a defensive pen 
  • Advantages/disadvantages of a tactical pen 
  • Methods of carry and deployment 
  • Do’s and Don’ts of the Defensive Pen 
  • Basic self-defense skills 
  • Striking techniques 
  • Anatomical target chain 
  • Lethal vs. less lethal use of a pen 

Hands on Exercises: 

  • Deployment and striking with a training partner and training pens. 

 Pre-requisites: NONE. This course is appropriate for all ages including children under parental supervision. 

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