Training Classes

Shooting Classes

Safety and Introductory Training

Safety is our first priority for all of our customers. The sights and sounds of an indoor range can be intimidating at first to new shooters and those who are new to an indoor range. Our experience has shown us that it only takes a small amount of training and equipment to operate safely and comfortably on our range.

No advanced scheduling is required for the Safety and Introductory Training class.

Cost: $15

First Time Shooters: Introduction to Firearms 

Designed for new and novice shooters, the Introduction to Firearms Training course is a one-hour course detailing basic gun safety and proper shooting fundamentals. 

Cost: $50

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Experienced Shooters: Pistol Marksmanship 

This is one on one instruction tailored to those shooters who have already completed our basic safety or Introduction to Firearms course. This one hour course will focus on increasing a shooter's marksmanship potential through focused attention and proper fundamentals. Whether you have been shooting for a few weeks, or for many years, this course is designed to maximize your marksmanship potential.

Cost: $75

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Simulated Live Fire Home Defense Training 

Learn to defend yourself and your family using the latest non-lethal technology.
Simunitions is a reality based force-on-force training method which uses trueto-
life scenarios, modified actual guns and real life environments. For example,
imagine being in your home watching TV with your family. All of a sudden, you
hear glass breaking….. What do you do?

The successful completion of reality based scenarios will better enable you to
survive a deadly encounter. You will learn crucial skills like instinctive shooting,
proper mindset under stress, utilization of cover and handling the aftermath of a
lethal encounter.

Cost: $250.00 Per Person
Course Overview:
Simulated Live Fire Home Defense is a natural supplement to anyone who has
taken a CCW course and wants to take the “theories” presented in such
courses to the next level in order to introduce the elements of aggression,
stress, and “pain penalties”. 8-10 realistic scenarios per class will be fast
paced, 10-20 second drills that will introduce a medium level of stress and test
the student’s decision making abilities, judgment and tactics. At the completion
of each scenario, the participants will be debriefed and the entire class will
analyze the student’s response.

Course Length: Approx. 3 hours

Course Topics:
1. Introduction to Simunitions and Equipment
2. Use of Deadly Force principles
3. Mental Mindset
4. OODA Loop
5. Point or instinctive shooting
6. Securing family members during a shooting
7. Utilizing available cover (Natural/Artificial)
8. Holding an attacker at gunpoint
9. Aftermath of a lethal force encounter. What to do???

Students should be of an intermediate level with a sound knowledge of
handgun parts and operations, loading and unloading, clearing and possess a
skill level to hit a target at 7 yards with consistency.

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Licensing Classes

Handgun Qualification License Class (4 Hour Training Class) With LiveScan Fingerprinting Services

This course will satisfy the state requirement in order to obtain a Handgun Qualification License, which is required to purchase a handgun within the State Of Maryland. The course will cover:

  • State Firearm Law
  • Home Firearm Safety
  • Handgun Mechanisms and Operation
  • Operation and Handling Demonstration, "live fire"

LiveScan fingerprinting services are included onsite during your training course . In addition laptops are available upon request to allow individuals the chance to complete the application online. At the conclusion, you will have everything that you need in order to submit your application online the same day, all at one location. 

Cost: $160

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Utah CCW Class

The Utah CCW class covers all the requirements you need to receive a Utah concealed carry license, including:

  • Fingerprinting
  • Passport photos
  • Postage to Utah
  • Classroom requirements
  • Course completion certificate

Cost: $100*

*There is a $51 application fee to the state of Utah. On the day of the course, please bring a credit card or check made payable to "Utah Bureau of Criminal Investigation." 

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Maintenance Classes

AR-15 Preventative Maintenance Class

Want to learn about AR-15's? Get involved in our AR-15 Preventative Maintenance class. You'll learn:

  • Proper AR-15 nomenclature
  • Disassembly and assembly of major components
  • Preventative maintenance checks and services
  • Proper cleaning and care methods 

Cost: $75 

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